I have been reading so much about the benefits of fermented/cultured foods that I am going to make it a regular in our household. Fermented carrots looked like an easy starting recipe as I had everything without having to go to the shops.

Fermented carrots:

Enough carrots to fill your jar
Enough salt brine to fill a jar (1tbs good quality salt per cup water)
2 peeled cloves of garlic (optional)
a few sprigs of fresh dill
1. Cut the carrots to your liking (slices, shredded or in sticks)
2. Make the salt brine and pour over the carrots
3. Add the garlic (2 cloves gives a distinct garlic taste so if you don’t like garlic reduce or not use) and dill
4. Cover jar and leave on kitchen bench for 5-7 days.

These tasted great… Still crunchy. I am going to keep exploring flavours, might even give using kefir whey as a starter next time instead of a salt brine. I have also attached a great site if you want some tips for cultured food.