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Spicy Mexican Qinoa

Spicy Mexican Quinoa

Bean Salsa

Bean Salsa

Spicy Quiona

Spicy Quinoa

Greetings Amigos! Who knew you could make a super tasty Mexican dish with quinoa?? This is a great healthier version of your typical mince recipe that you would normally put in tacos or enchiladas.
My recipe:
In a bowl put chopped tomatoes and capsicum, sliced spring onions and cannellini beans/ kidney beans. Set aside.
Next:cook some quinoa with some salt and Mexican spices. Set aside.
Next: cook a little beef mince with the same spices, make sure it well browned and all the liquid evaporated, you want the mince nice and dry. Set aside.
In a bowl gently bring all the ingredients together.
To serve put on a plate with corn chips, avocado, cheese and some greens. Splash with your favourite hot sauce for a bit of heat.
Seriously delicious!