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Brown Rice Biryani

Brown Rice Biryani

Biryani with brown basmati rice and veggies.
This spicy, sweet and salty dish hits the spot! I’m sure it is totally unorthodox but it tastes great and is sure to comfortably fill up all family members.
My recipe:
Roast bits size pieces of pumpkin and sweet potato that have been sprinkled with some Biryani Spice Blend and oil until tender, set aside.
Cook some brown basmati rice as per manufactures directions but add some salt and a teaspoon or two of Biryani spice blend. When the rice is 3/4 cooked add approx half a cup of currents. Set aside.
Saute a couple of cups of mixed veggies ( I used: capsicum, green beans and red onion) with a little oil and another teaspoon of Biryani spice blend until tender.
Finally bring all ingredients together in a large bowl and combine gently.
This a great meal on its own or would probably go well with some lamb and a blob of natural yogurt.

Brown basmati rice from India