This is my favourite dish from a trip to India – Makhani Dahl. I cheated instead of making the paste from scratch used pataks rogan josh as base. My youngest could not help herself she had two of the bowls in the picture as a ‘taste test’.

Makhani dahl

1. Soak brown lentils for at least an hour. Boil in a pot with water till soft (40mins).
2. In another pot fry up onion, garlic then add 3 heaps spoons of curry paste (home made or cheat version out of a jar e.g madras).
3. Add a can of tomatoes and simmer for 5 mins.
4. Add the drained lentils, you might need to add more water as you need to cook for another 20 mins to blend flavours.
5. Mush up some of the lentils ( I used a hand blender) to make a creamy texture.
6. Add salt and pepper and just before serving add a large dollop of cream which you stir through.