Asian inspired clear soup with chicken balls, omelette, capsicums and sliced snow peas.
Another great recipe from Nicky.



Make a vegetable or chicken stock ( carrots, celery, onion, garlic, ginger and salt). Remove all veggies by straining through a sieve. When stock was made I added some tamari and sweet soy to taste. Set aside but keep hot.
Make an omelet ( I used 6 eggs), when cooked, slice and set aside.
Make some chicken balls, I flavoured my mince with spring onions, coriander, tamari, sesame oi…l.
Bring stock up to medium heat, gently drop chicken balls into the stock. They are cooked when the balls float to the top and have become quite firm. Add the sliced capsicum and snow peas ( cook for 2 to 3 mins).

Asian soup 1

Divide the stock, chicken balls and veggies between individual bowls, top with the sliced omelet and coriander.
For a bit of spice add some chopped chilli.
I guarantee this will please the whole family.